We Are Building American Buddhism

We foster a sense of shared values among American Buddhists of every tradition
We inspire Buddhist organizations to work together to create an enlightened American society
Capacity Building
We help strengthen the emerging institutions of contemporary American Buddhism
We support the adoption of contemplative disciplines in a wide range of fields
Living & Working in the World
We encourage the spread of Buddhist principles in American business and culture
Women in Buddhism
We believe women’s leadership is the key to an enlightened American society

Our Work

Building American Buddhism

The Foundation provides grants, program-related investments, education and training and other programs to grow and strengthen American Buddhist institutions. Learn More >>

We regret to inform you that Norman Marcus, the Foundation’s first President and board member, passed away on the afternoon of May 2.

Our Grantees

Creating an Enlightened American Society

The Foundation funds nonprofit organizations that are reshaping their fields by applying and disseminating transformative Buddhist principles and practices. Learn More >>

Details concerning how you may honor Norm’s memory and attend his funeral service, scheduled for Monday May 6, can be found here.

Our Founder

A Pioneer in American Buddhism

Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz dedicated his life to transmitting the essence of traditional Buddhism in a fashion that was uniquely suited to contemporary American society and culture. Learn More >>

The family and the Lenz Foundation request that in lieu of flowers, you consider a donation to the Foundation. All funds collected during the month of May will be used to fund a special grant program in Norm's name.

A Living Legacy

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living legacy through
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