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2007 Lenz Foundation Buddhist Leadership Conference

The 2007 Lenz Foundation Buddhist Leadership Conference

In October of 2007 the Lenz Foundation held its first Buddhist Leadership Conference at Peacemaker Circle International's House of One People, in Montague, Massachusetts.

The purpose of this conference was to bring together our Board, Advisory Committee, Grant Partners and Foundation supporters drawn from Rama-Dr. Frederick Lenz's teacher/student community to assist the Foundation in reviewing, refining and improving its existing programs, and in some cases, sampling them, as, for example, Roshi Dennis (Genpo) Merzel's "Big Mind"; and to experience the teaching techniques of its grant partners and those who utilize Rama's teaching materials available on the Foundation's website.

This was also an opportunity for the participants to become better acquainted with each other and their respective works and programs with an eye toward mutual cooperation and support.

In addition there was a book fair featuring their own current works; opportunities to participate in early morning meditation sessions conducted by our esteemed guests, join in on panel discussions on the future of American Buddhism, and experience the full Fall colors of Western Massachusetts, with evenings of food, great music (e.g., Joaquin Lievano) and other entertainment.

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