We Are Building American Buddhism

2022 The Future of American Buddhism



The subject matter of the conference is more timely than ever.  During June 2 - 5 of 2022, we will step up and address the challenges of our time with a much needed in person gathering of our network and the larger American Buddhist community of which we are all a part.

Naropa University and our Foundation are working on a robust online run-up training and discussion program which will commence on or after January, 2022 and culminate with the conference at Garrison in June, 2022.  The discussion topics reflect our grantee's response to an online conference plan survey (65 different organizations responded). 

  • Tradition and Innovation—how is Buddhism appropriately innovating in an American context without losing connection with its Asian traditions and roots?
  • Empowerment and Leadership—how are American Buddhist communities addressing patriarchy and ensuring that women, people of color and members of the LGBTQ community are leaders and teachers for the next generation?
  • Dharma for the Environmental Crisis—how is American Buddhism contributing to solving the critical environmental issues of our time?
  • Engaged Buddhism—what are examples of engaged projects in America that bring contemplative methods to social and political issues?
  • Awakening to Power and Privilege—how is American Buddhism addressing structural racism in American society?
  • Digital Dharma—what new platforms and venues are propagating dharma in America, and how has this changed the face of American Buddhism?

Instead of Keynote speakers and addresses on topics by a featured speaker, we are assembling speaker pairs to conduct interactive discussions between themselves and among the participants with breakout sessions to follow in which members of our grantee network will lead. As we have more detail about the on line run up to the conference (where we will also invite grantee representatives to lead), and the conference itself, we will keep you apprised.

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