We Are Building American Buddhism



Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz's work was motivated by his special insight into the role that Buddhist principles and practices could play in transforming American society and producing an enlightened contemporary culture.  The Foundation encourages Buddhist organizations of all traditions to work together and with values-aligned non-Buddhist organizations to achieve common spiritual and social goals.

In Dr. Lenz’s Words

"As you work together, as you meet together, as you meditate together, you're going to create something rather perfect. And that perfect thing is your attention -- with a realistic appraisal of the conditions in the world." -- On the Road with Rama, "The Electronic Tribe"

What We Fund

We provide general-assistance and restricted grants, program-related investments, and education and training programs for the purpose of fostering successful joint programs among American Buddhist groups and cross-sector collaborations with aligned secular organizations.  An initial $250,000 fund has been created to support grant proposals which grow out of the Collaboration Training Program mentioned below.  In addition, the Foundation will throw its full grant-making capacity behind those collaboration projects which emerge from this training as having the most potential for success.

Sample Grantees

Presencing Institute’s collaboration training program for the benefit of all Lenz grantees and their invited guest organizations.  The series of webinars and workshops held by the Presencing Institute and attended by Lenz Foundation grant recipients yielded a number of innovative collaborations in a wide range of areas. 

Collaboration grant recipients are listed here.

The Foundation seeks partnerships with other donors/foundations which are interested in expanding the pool of grant funds available to these collaborating organizations.