We Are Building American Buddhism

Dawn Mountain

1925-B Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX 77098-3401
Telephone: (713) 630-0354
Website: www.dawnmountain.org
Attn: Anne Klein

Description of Organization

The mission of Dawn Mountain is threefold: As a Tibetan temple it offers traditional Buddhist teachings tailored towards contemporary Americans. Second, as a community center it provides programs that promote physical and mental well-being independent of any religious orientation. And third, as a research institute they support translation of materials on Tibetan philosophy, ritual and culture.

Grant(s) Awarded

In 2017, Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism received a $18,500 grant for capacity building in order to support their live broadcasting and conference capabilities and to increase their visibility online. The Lenz Foundation Grant assisted in the purchase of equipment and to hire the necessary professionals who can advise on content development and marketing in order to achieve Dawn Mountain’s goal of a global classroom.

In 2010 the Foundation made a grant of $2,500 to support four symposia entitled "The Knowing Body: Art and the Discovery of Self."

In 2014, the Foundation made a mini-grant of $1,000 to kickstart a collaboration between the Institute for Spirituality and Health and Dawn Mountain Tibetan Buddhist Temple.


Results / Update

Many thanks to the Lenz Foundation for giving us a grant of $2,500, especially since it was given during an economic downturn, which made us all the more inspired by your confidence in us.

Tsherin's visit included several separate elements, one held at Rice University, two at the Jung Center, Houston, and two at our Center, Dawn Mountain.

  • 4/30/2010 - Eastern & Western Artists in Conversation - a panel discussion at Rice University.
  • 5/1/2010 - Tibetan Art, Mirror of the Self - Presentation by Tsherin at the Jung Center.
  • 5/1/2010 - Tibetan Scroll (Thanka) Painting Workshop - Workshop presented by Tsherin at the Jung Center.
  • 5/2/2010 - Meditation & Meaning - Presentation by Tsherin on the art of Dawn Mountain.
  • 5/2/2010 - Reception and Art Show - Showing of Tsherin's art with the opportunity to meet the artist at Dawn Mountain.

September, 2011 -- as grantees of the Lenz Foundation, Dawn Mountain's staff was offered training in the Soul of Money program created exclusively for grantees. Here is what they reported:

We are proud and humbled to let you know what your $2,500 gift to Dawn Mountain, which brought with it the brilliant year of Soul of Money training, has done for our shared vision and mission. You have helped us open new doors for our work, which is much like your work, translating and transmitting Buddhist principles and practices in ways harmonious with the people we serve in Houston and beyond.

This is what we did with the Soul of Money training: We used your gift toward starting a Spirit in Art program. Last November, we invited Prof. Robert A. Thurman to initiate the program. Dawn Mountain partnered with the prestigious Museum of Modern Art in Houston to present two talks by him.

Approximately four hundred people attended Dr. Thurman's talks-thereby learning about Buddhism, about Dawn Mountain, and greatly increasing our visibility in Houston. The Museum also invited me to give my own two talks on the theme of Spirit in Art last March. Again, about 400 people attended, and Dawn Mountain's name became more familiar to a very significant sector of the Houston community; a core, well educated demographic that is both new and receptive to Buddhist learning. Fliers for these talks went out to 11,000 households.

This was an extremely effective use of funds, getting us wide exposure, letting the community know about meditation and our work in Houston to present a rich set of possibilities for the community.

The Soul of Money training has proven to be a boon beyond boons and completely transformed us at many levels. What a brilliant idea to offer this to your grantees.

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