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Sangre de Cristo Ranches
Box 521
Fort Garland, CO 81133
Telephone: (719) 588-4109
Website: www.earthnest.org
Attn: Nicole V. Langley

Grant(s) Awarded

The grant was for the purpose of filming a documentary entitled "Meditate ‘08," which took place in Denver, Colorado, during the Democratic National Convention in August of 2008. The documentary concentrates on the speakers, teachers, guides, participants and events surrounding a meditation retreat which took place in the midst of the Democratic National Convention. It focuses upon the potential impact which Buddhism and meditation may have upon society. The documentary focuses on the intersection of thoughtful inward guidance on the one hand, and the often more one-sided or entrenched perspectives that tend to occur in today’s high pressured daily life, as expressed, for example, in politics and the public media. A preliminary and shortened version of the work was presented at the Foundation's 2009 Naropa Fall Conference.

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