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Center of Movement

183 Main Street, Suite A
Rio Vista, CA 94571
Telephone: (707) 803-9642
Website: www.centerofmovement.net
Attn: Tammy R. Trujillo

Description of Organization

Mission + Organization

Center of Movement is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching essential life skills to under-served communities through the art of yoga. We provide free to low-cost weekly yoga + mindfulness classes to at-risk children, school teachers, teen parents and their babies, seniors, and community classes in the rural community of Rio Vista. Since 2002, we have grown from offering a single children's yoga class to a multi-program organization working across three rural counties in Northern California. Center of Movement is the only community based organization providing these life-long wellness programs within a 30 mile radius.

Grant(s) Awarded

The YES Project (Yoga Education for Schools)

In 2010 the Foundation made a $1,500 grant to support Center of Movement's YES Project (Yoga Education for Schools) -- weekly yoga + mindfulness programs serving a large population of at-risk children (including teenaged parents) in the rural Sacramento Delta community of Rio Vista, CA.

The Yes Project is a yoga + mindfulness program we designed specifically to elevate self-awareness and self-esteem of children. Our curriculum provides children and their teachers with a holistic approach to self-care by integrating yoga and mindfulness exercises, council practice, team-work oriented games, partner poses, art projects, and self-reflection writing. Can you imagine how different the world might be if everyone had the opportunity to be given these tools in elementary school?

At Center of Movement we believe that building a brighter future means empowering children and the community that leads them. Our students and teachers let us know that they have felt a difference in themselves because of our programs.

Results / Update

The YES (Yoga Education for Schools) Project 2010 Grant Report
I m p a c t

We hoped to teach the art of yoga + mindfulness to children and teachers in the rural community of Rio Vista through the YES Program (Yoga Education for Schools). In 2009-2010 we taught 150+underserved, k-8th grade children and teachers in two of the three public schools in Rio Vista reaching nearly 20% of the children in our community.

We also improved and refined our program evaluation methods to insure we are meeting the needs of our students. The effectiveness of the YES Program on self-esteem, empathy and stress reduction was assessed by using the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS-10) and Tangeny’s Self-Control Scale (TSCS-13).

Our students design and make thank you cards at the end of the year. The handmade cards are made with love and express how much yoga has offered peace, gratitude and joy in their lives. We in turn collect and send the cards to our generous donors along with our own thank you letter. This completes a full circle of generosity from the donor to the kids and back to the donors. Below are just a few of the cards we have sent out this past year:

L e s s o n s    L e a r n e d

The most significant lessons that we have learned is to use simple, varied and hands-on curriculum that can be used not just during yoga class but in the classroom or at home. By actively participating in yoga class everyone learns more and is better equipped to use what they learn during yoga class on a daily basis. A fifth grade girl wrote: “I learned how to calm myself down by just relaxing. I even do yoga in the mornings.”

We are also partnering with teachers to give them more skills to use in their classrooms throughout the school week. Teachers report their classrooms are calmer and students support each other more during the day sometimes even reminding them to take a breath. Second grade teacher, Ferris Phillips states: “Yoga enhances the total education of my students.”

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