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Dawn Mountain and Institute for Spirituality and Health

Dawn Mountain
2010 Naomi St., Suite A
Houston, TX 77054
Institute for Spirituality and Health
8100 Greenbriar, Suite 220
Houston, TX 77054

Grant Amount


Grant Description

In support of an innovative program “Meditation Station: Taking Practice to the People,” a portable, staffed, contemplative environment that will introduce meditation and mindfulness to people right where they are in Houston, TX, the fourth largest city in the US.

  • Provide a menu of guided meditations from various spiritual traditions in an accessible, safe and inviting setting in myriad public, medical and corporate venues throughout the community.
  • Provide different options for guided sessions that vary by length and teacher.
  • Deploy knowledgeable and compassionate volunteers to accompany the recorded teachings, answer questions and engage with interested public.
  • Encourage participants to cultivate lasting relationships with Dawn Mountain and ISH and seek further connections with area dharma centers.