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Grant(s) Awarded

Deep Streams has received a $10,000 grant to support a service called The Coming Home Project. This project offers retreats where Veterans, and family members of Veterans can share stories, struggles and accomplishments, learn key resilience skills, and connect with services and resources in their communities. These residential workshops are not psychotherapy, but they are therapeutic. Retreats are peer support driven and are facilitated by experienced licensed psychotherapists and trained veterans and chaplains.

Unlike approaches that compartmentalize the individual and offer isolated treatments and quick fix solutions, our programs address the whole person with an integrative, evidence based approach. They rebuild the connectivity of body, mind, heart, and soul that can be unraveled by combat-related trauma; renew relationships with loved ones; create vital new peer support networks and eliminate the sense of stigma that interferes with our veterans getting the support they need.

The Coming Home Project will implement a pilot Zen-informed meditation retreat for veterans. To date we have provided meditation training in our secular retreats. This Zen-informed retreat will be more squarely focused on the principles and practice of Zen Buddhism to cope with the traumas of war.

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