We Are Building American Buddhism



2022 The Future of American Buddhism

Co-hosted by the Lenz Foundation and Naropa University, The Future of American Buddism will be a series of online conversations launching in the summer of 2021, and a multi-day conference, June 2 - 5, 2022 at  Garrison Institute, New York.  This program is open to Lenz grantees, aademic colleagues, Buddhist leaders and practitioners, and all interested in the topic of the future of American Buddhism.  

2018 Advisory Committee Conference

The Lenz Foundation invited its Advisory Committee and key stakeholders to a gathering in Borrego Springs, California from March 17-20, 2018. The goal of the Advisory Committee Conference was to review past performance and discuss new directions for the Foundation. All grantees of the Lenz Foundation were asked to submit five-minute videos and add their views to the dialogue.

2016 Mindfulness in Business

The Lenz Foundation collaborated with NYU’s Department of Global Spiritual Life in association with its Stern School of Business to launch the Awakened Leadership Conference, June 1-3, 2016 in Los Angeles on the Loyola Marymount campus.

2014 Collaboration Training

Contemplation, Collaboration and Change is a nine-month training program produced specifically for the Lenz Foundation by senior fellows of the Presencing Institute. The purpose of the program is to help Foundation grantees gain experience and expertise in launching and sustaining collaborations with each other and with partner institutions in other sectors. The program consists of two weekend workshop retreats, four webinars, group coaching and some organizational consulting.

2011 Soul of Money Training

(for the benefit of all Foundation Grantees)

Through the Soul of Money Institute, the Foundation has constructed for the benefit of each of its grantees, a $200,000+ fundraising and good business practice training program presented through a series of four webinars, two workshops and a Foundation conference all scheduled between June, 2010 and September, 2011. In these difficult economic times, raising money and effectively implementing the program for which the funds have been raised is most challenging. As the Foundation's economic resources have become more limited as a consequence of the economic downturn, the Foundation took some of its precious grant dollars to create this program, run by the experts at the Soul of Money, to enable the Foundation's grantees to become more self-sufficient through effective fundraising and use of sound business practices.

The 2009 Lenz Foundation Buddhist Leadership Conference

The second Lenz Foundation Buddhist Leadership Conference was held at Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado, during September 10-13, 2009. With 145 registered attendees, the conference raised the bar from the first conference held in 2007.

The 2007 Lenz Foundation Buddhist Leadership Conference

In October of 2007 the Lenz Foundation held its first Buddhist Leadership Conference at Peacemaker Circle International's House of One People, in Montague, Massachusetts.

The purpose of this conference was to bring together our Board, Advisory Committee, Grant Partners and Foundation supporters drawn from Rama-Dr. Frederick Lenz's teacher/student community to assist the Foundation in reviewing, refining and improving its existing programs, and in some cases, sampling them, as, for example, Roshi Dennis (Genpo) Merzel's "Big Mind"; and to experience the teaching techniques of its grant partners and those who utilize Rama's teaching materials available on the Foundation's website.