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Grant Activity

Grant-Making Activity, 2003 - 2021

Since its inception, the Lenz Foundation has funded or is committed to funding over $7 million in grants and programs. The Foundation is pleased to report on its historical, current and prospective grant-making activities as follows:

Individual Grantees by Organization Name

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Collaboration Grants
Brown University, Prison Dharma Network AKA Prison Mindfulness Institute and Inward Bound Mindfulness Education Inc.
Cure Violence/CeaseFire Illinois and Shambhala Chicago
Dawn Mountain and Institute for Spirituality and Health
Inward Bound Mindfulness Education Inc. and Brooklyn Zen Center
Loyola Marymount University and Insight LA Inc.
Minds, Inc. and The Insight Meditation Community of Washington
Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science Inc. and The Lineage Project
Naropa University and Center for Contemplative Mind in Society Inc.
New York University, New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care Inc., Brooklyn Zen Center and Auburn Theological Seminary
Northern California Shambhala and MBA Project Inc.
Prison Dharma Network AKA Prison Mindfulness Institute and the Berkeley Initiative for Mindfulness in Law
San Francisco Zen Center and Brooklyn Zen Center
Sonoma Mountain Zen Center and Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts
Stone Soup Café, Mandala Café, Inc. and Unity Tables, Inc.
Zen Hospice Project and The Upaya Zen Center
Pay It Forward Grants
Women in Buddhism