We Are Building American Buddhism

Instill Mindfulness SWVA

183 Happy Trails Rd SE
Floyd, VA 24091
Website: www.instillmindfulness.org/

Description of Organization

Instill Mindfulness SWVA’s (FKA Life Support) vision is to bring mindfulness to every public institution and workplace in southwest Virginia with an emphasis on K-12 education. The area they serve is rural and one of the poorest regions in the state, thus the available resources to support a mindfulness program are not available in that part of the state. Instill Mindfulness contends that to fulfill their vision, they must grow today’s youths’ interest in mindfulness. The goal would be for these graduates to form the vanguard of mindfulness proponents bringing mindfulness into workplaces and public institutions throughout the region. In collaboration with the Radford University Counselor Education Department and Montgomery County Public Schools, Instill Mindfulness has recently completed a pilot program at Blacksburg Middle School, which 75 mindfulness classes were taught to the 6th grade, along with several classes specifically for the teachers. With the grant support from the Frederick Lenz Foundation, Instill Mindfulness is now scheduled to bring these classes to the 7th and 8th graders at Blacksburg Middle School and will be extending the program to Shawsville and Christiansburg Middle Schools next year. Future plans include the introduction of a new pilot program funded by the Department of Juvenile Justice in Roanoke, working with teens on probation. Discussions are also underway with a local business about developing a pilot program for their staff.

Grants(s) Awarded

In April 2017, the Foundation made a grant in the amount of $10,000 to help defray the costs of starting up and maintaining the program.