We Are Building American Buddhism

Mindful Schools

1260 45th Street
Emeryville, CA 94608
website: www.mindfulschools.org

Description of Organization

The mission of Mindful Schools is to train, guide and connect educators who are on a journey to deepen their mindfulness practice and cultivate mindful learning environments that allow everyone in their school community to thrive. Programs equip educators to apply research-based mindfulness techniques for student emotional regulation, resilience, and focus. When teachers learn mindfulness, they experience reduced stress and burnout, report greater efficacy in doing their jobs, have more emotionally supportive classrooms that are better organized. Studies find that students benefit from improved cognitive and academic outcomes, social-emotional skills, and well-being. Through practice, teachers and their students apply mindfulness during challenging moments– resulting in improved school climates.

Grant(s) Awarded

In 2019, a grant was awarded for $7,500 to help support:

  • Schoolwide Mindfulness programs at under-resourced schools that serve low income populations; training in building a personal meditation practice for K-12 teachers;
  • Community building amongst K-12 teachers to share best practices in mindfulness education and build a strong peer network;
  • Scholarships for year-long mindfulness teacher trainees who serve diverse under-resourced communities;
  • Collaboration among aligned organizations and meditation experts to create new courses and strengthen fundraising.

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