We Are Building American Buddhism

Mission Be

240 Monroe Dr. #307
Mountain View, CA 94040
Website: www.missionbe.org

Fiscal Sponsor: September’s Mission Foundation

Description of Organization

In 2013 Mission Be piloted a mindfulness project at Islip High School in Long Island, NY. After receiving feedback, Mission Be began working with elementary school students and recruited seven volunteers, women with Master’s degrees in social work, psychology and education, and backgrounds in mindfulness, to implement the program in 17 classrooms. After receiving positive feedback, Mission Be has cultivated mindfulness, compassion and altruism at more than 60 schools in California and New York and has trained thousands of teachers and reached over 50,000 children.

Grant(s) Awarded

In 2018, a grant in the amount of $9,000 was awarded to Mission Be to implement two 6-week online mindfulness training for educators, providing them with the skills and knowledge to effectively implement mindfulness activities and exercises to their students. The training will reach 60 teachers so that they can facilitate mindfulness activities to 1,500 students. The goal is to broaden the pool of educators who are prepared to bring mindfulness training to young people, mitigate the impact of stress for students, and give them the tools to self-regulate.

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