We Are Building American Buddhism

Our Work


The Foundation draws its inspiration from Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz and his groundbreaking work to establish a uniquely American form of Buddhism. In particular, we have developed a community- and capacity-building strategy that reflects his special insights into the role Buddhist principles and practices play in transforming the lives of individuals, thus shaping an enlightened American society and culture. We provide general-assistance and restricted grants, program-related investments, education and training and other programs designed to grow and strengthen the emerging community of American Buddhist institutions.

What We Fund

The Foundation funds transformative nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to reshaping their fields by applying and disseminating Buddhist principles and practices in their work. In particular, we are interested in the following funding themes:

  • Community
    • Growing and strengthening American Buddhist organizations and sanghas
  • Collaboration
    • Joint programs among American Buddhist groups, plus cross-sector collaborations with aligned non-Buddhist organizations
  • Capacity-Building
    • Fundraising and organizational development infrastructure designed to help American Buddhist organizations achieve scale and sustainability
  • Meditation
    • Applying and disseminating Buddhist contemplative disciplines for personal growth, and in the fields of science, education, health care, and social services
  • Living & Working in the World
    • Incorporating and disseminating Buddhist principles and practices in the areas of work, family, civil society, and popular culture
  • Women in Buddhism
    • Supporting innovation and advancing the cause of women’s leadership in American Buddhist communities and organizations

Another view of these funding areas is shown in the following chart of our grant categories. Please note that one grantee organization may receive grants in more than one category.