We Are Building American Buddhism

Vast Sky Institute

1268 East South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
Telephone: (801) 328-8414
Attn: Bruce Lambson

Description of Organization

Vast Sky brings together the principals from Big Mind (Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi), Integral Institute (Ken Wilber) and Peacemaker Circle (Roshi Bernie Glassman) in a joint effort to "use the wisdom of the Buddhadharma, combined with the most effective technology available, to advance every conceivable area of our society towards a more awakened approach to life." It is the object of Vast Sky to change the way America views spirituality so as to affect and impact the way society views religion, educates its children, approaches politics, conducts its business, and cares for the elderly, the homeless and the poor, as well as the way Americans relate to other nations, especially those which are different from our nation. By impacting the level of consciousness of America’s public officials and public servants, the Vast Sky project seeks a transformation through the instruments of technology and mass media in the way Americans view these important matters critical to our nation’s well being.

Grant(s) Awarded

The Foundation made a seed money grant of $150,000 to create a program for the implementation of the project’s vision and to raise funds substantially in excess of the initial grant so that this vision may be realized.


This venture is currently inactive.

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